Logo Design (Replicating lost files & Logo Updates) 

Websites (Start-ups & Updates)

Branding Advice Across Mediums

Assistance with Paypal & Other 3rd Party Services


Rack Cards

Business Cards

Email Campaign Design

Poster Design for Events

Postcard Design for Mailings

Large Format Event Posters (Inside your budget!)

What other fun projects do you have? Let's get creative!

Full disclosure: 
I'm fortunate keep busy with my client workload - so my own website pages are a bit outdated (YIKES!) 
If you're interested in something you don't see here, PLEASE ASK for samples of current projects.


I'm so grateful to my clients that help promote me! 


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I charge by the hour and am VERY quick!

I promise my fees are not scarey, but I prefer to understand the project to give you a fair estimate.  

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Please email, or leave a message with your project needs.  I will return your call within 24 hours. We can discuss the estimate and completion time and other specifics to help you with your creative project.


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Graphic Design projects of all sizes for small businesses, non-profit organizations & independent contractors.
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