If you're interested in having a website done, you'll need to endure my soapbox and read below:
I've done several websites in the past using Dreamweaver,  iWeb, and FrontPage, (so that last one dates me,) but now I'm changing course.

Too often I see horrible websites for small businesses. Most are older sites created during the "blogging days" as it was a means to avoid the HTML software and maintain it themselves. Then came Facebook. <sigh> Neither are better options than a website. I don't want to be TEXT heavy so I won't list them all here! 

In my humble opinion,  a website is a reflection of your company/services.  If you're behind in technology, they may assume you are behind in other areas as well. It's often their FIRST point of contact with your business.  How do you present? 

I meet with the customer to figure out their limitations and comfort level before deciding which direction to go. For that reason, I now only use WIX. You can maitain your domain and still get the flexibility to make easy updates and changes yourself, or spend a few dollars a month having me maintain it.  I'm sure serious SEO focused web design firms don't appreciate my opinion about simplicity. And there are reasons a business may need to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a website, (imperative SEO/heavy retail) but if you just need to have a small website and presence on Google, then let's sit down and talk. CONTACT ME HERE.

Below are a few sites (a few more on the way) that are WIX sites.  Also further below is an example of the differences between 2 BLOG style websites, and a matching email campaign for one of them. You'll see the designs are VERY flexible and unique. 1 Landing page, or SEVERAL pages deep. You can have whatever your little heart desires!

Admissions Coach for college, Upstate SC
Stephanie Ellen, Greenville Photographer of portraits, real estate
Langston Charter School, Greenville, SC
Sheri S. Levy, Greenville, SC local author, YA fiction
Upstate SC, Greenville, Graphic Artist, website, marketing, product design

Website example 1 - limited blog text heavy > dynamic & mobile friendly website
Simple design to be maintained by student volunteer

From Blog site to Website

Created Email Campaigns to match

BEFORE - not readable on mobile devices

AFTER Mobile friendly for all devices

From Blog site to Website - Example 2

Website example 2 -blog with too much white space > dynamic & mobile friendly website
includes new blog posts/news page

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