Website design can incorporate "easy to maintain yourself" or more "dynamic design" depending on your needs, and comfort level.
Below are examples of "easy/self" design where most
are maintained by the clients.

Beginning Summer, 2021 websites will be created using EDITORX (dynamic design) to easily adapt to all mobile devices unless clients request otherwise.


Next opening for new website clients will be end of May 2021.

Admissions Coach for college, Upstate SC

Helped this local charter school redesign and organize their website.

Redesign a 175+ page website. Adjusted navigation and 3rd party expenses saving this non-profit thousands of dollars in yearly expenses.

Assisted this small business with a web presence with limited yearly expenses.

Redesigned this non-profit's website to a dynamic design and helping to raise awareness and donations with limited expenses and upkeep.


Assisted this small business with a web presence with limited yearly expenses.

Langston Charter School, Greenville, SC

Designed a new website to go along with their branding to help keep information manageable by staff and easily accessible to parents. 

Assisted this small business with dynamic design and branding.

Upstate SC, Greenville, Graphic Artist, website, marketing, product design

EXAMPLE of former single long scroll hosted page for more dynamic presence. Can be used with or without domain.


Brought Blog site to dynamic and reorganized website for PTSA to provide information for the community and families.

Website FAQs

I meet with the customer to figure out their technical limitations and comfort level before deciding which direction to go. For that reason, I now only use WIX. Wix now has responsive website capabilities with flex box technology. I can do the more advanced templates designs (for clients that will not be updating themselves) or use a more simple technology that clients can maintain themselves (I PROMISE!) and still have the movement and awesome capabilities) just more user friendly for people with no web experience. 

How long does a new website take?

It takes me approximately 2 weeks to design and layout the first draft. From there you will be able to review before we turnover you older site and go live with the new site. We can make changes and updates prior to going live.

How do clients maintain their site? That sounds scary!
You don't have to go it alone. You have the choice! I can maintain for clients, but some do not have a budget for even my affordable fees (or they want to be in control! That's OK too! I'm not one of those designer's that capture your property and won't let you control it. My goal is to make your website self-sustainable. The updates needed are designed and set up to be simple for the client. I offer custom video tutorials, on-site training and I'm always here for a quick phone call or to fix anything that you may have done wrong and can't figure out...but that rarely happens.

But WIX?  Really? 

Yes - WIX !  There is nothing I've wanted to do in over 8 years of working on that platform I cannot provide for my clients. It may not be for everyone, but focusing on small businesses, non-profits and independent contractor for YEARS - I've never been unable to do something I wanted for my clients.  Many have been able to maintain their site themselves saving them even more money, or the minor fees I charge for maintenance still saves them money as well compared to other services and agencies.  With that said, I'm sure serious SEO focused web design firms don't appreciate my opinion about simplicity and WIX. And there are reasons a business may need to spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a website, (imperative top ranking SEO/heavy retail.) But you can still have a very successful and affordable website with a presence on Google without spending all your limited small business profits.  CONTACT ME HERE - no pressure. I'm quite passionate about helping other small businesses because I've received help along the way myself, and I'm paying it forward.

Below are some of my recent or favorite websites I've created to get a client on the www or redesigned sites that weren't working for the client. Also further below are some examples of blogs/websites and newsletters. 


Enjoy & thanks for your time.


AFTER - Website 

From Blog site to Website

Limited blog, very text heavy, not device friendly > a NEW dynamic & mobile friendly website
Great visual impact with a simple design able to be maintained by volunteers.

Created Email Campaigns to match

BEFORE - not readable on mobile devices

AFTER Mobile friendly for all devices

Example 2

Website example 2 -blog with too much white space > dynamic & mobile friendly website
includes new blog posts/news page

Home Page

Home Page

News Page

News Page

Contact Form

Contact Form

About Me page

About Me page

Bibliography page

Bibliography page