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Most people are here to learn about my PRICING not as much about me. Finances are important to your business, but a collaborative relationship is important to your business too!

I charge by the hour.  I can usually get print jobs done within a couple hours depending on your previous and available materials, and your overall scope.  Please don't hesitate to ask about details. I don't want any of the process to be scary - I promise, my fees are not scary at all.


I got tired of creative businesses using the expression, "WE think outside the box." For agencies with a large staff and budget, that's pretty easy to do! However, many graphic designers must work with small budgets and limited time and STILL be creative. Therefore, I like to think I'm creative INSIDE the box (budgets) as well.  I enjoy that challenge of needing to be creative while still keeping my services affordable.

I can meet in person,  if you're local, zoom or by phone to discuss your project. I will give options and recommendations for your project(s) and estimate my time/fees after that meeting. 

I prefer working on a Mac, but also use PCs for many collaborative projects so clients can continue using the created materials and editing themselves in the future. I'm happy to assist with the entire process if needed. The time needed to process is minimal.

Sue Goetcheus custom painting at a clients home


I've done work for just about every business type out there: churches, theaters, hospitals, schools, colleges, non-profits and independent contractors spanning the East Coast from CT to FL. 


Thanks for reading this far - You're my favorite type of client! ( Interested in details and investing your time in what matters most. ) 

My name is Sue Goetcheus, I have a degree in Computer Arts and have over 15 years of experience as a working artist. In addition to my graphic design work, my background also includes set painting, decorative painting, and fine art painting. An artist at heart. 

Let me show you how I can be creative for you and your business.

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