CreativeArtDepartment / Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design and Decorative Art 
Upstate SC

Residential Painting
I no longer do residential painting, but we artists have connections, so if you desire that, I can make referrals.

About me

I have a degree in Computer Arts and have over 15 years of experience as a working artist.  My background includes set painting, decorative painting, desktop publishing and graphic design. I've worked with many wonderful artist's from all walks of life. The ones I most admire are the ones never defeated by parameters (budget, time or resources.)

Well, I got tired of the expression "Think outside the box." Many artists MUST work with small budgets and no time and STILL be creative. I enjoy that challenge which is why most of my projects are for small businesses and non-profits. 


The computer is the canvas I use the most. Presently I'm focusing helping  small businesses and private contractors get marketing materials out there, and a presence on the web.

I prefer working on a Mac, but also use PC's for many collaborative projects so clients can continue using my materials and editing themselves in the future. 

You'll notice in my portfolio that I also paint... but... It requires more time, energy and cleaning than sitting down at a computer, so usually I only do this when the motivation is there, and sadly, money is usually the creative juice motivator! So "un" artistic, I know - that's why I try to be as creative as possible with EACH project. 


  • Local churches, theaters, hospitals, schools and colleges,  as well as several local residences, and local businesses, non-profits with work spanning East Coast from Connecticut to Florida.