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Slide Shows & Promotional videos

Making promotional videos used to be my FAVORITE thing. Sadly, people can use apps to accomplish a basic video and don't seem to see the benefits to hiring professionals. I assure you there things I can do NO app can...and thankfully, there are still people who realize this. 

Many creations today use too many photos and songs, or too many crazy transitions that make your head spin... Naturally, I don't think it's the best way to go. I'm an artist and think you should put LOTS of time (and heart) into a piece. It should make a statement, keep people engaged, and provide useful and new information or emotion for EVERY photo.

My goal when creating a video is to do at least one of the following: captivate the audience, move someone with emotion, inspire people to change how they create their own projects,  entice them to watch it more than once, a happy client that will proudly use it,  or, my favorite... for people to wonder how I created it (since their software can't do what I did!) Here a few of my favorites.


"Great video, and excellent music selection. I love watching short movies like this - they make me feel good :)"

"This was excellent!!"

Girls Golf Greenville - Furman

Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services
I'm partial to this non-profit and this video. Please support them any way you can.

Seven Days to Goodbye
Book trailer by local author Sheri S. Levy

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