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From Woods to Website: The Creative Collaboration of Inspired Turnings and Creative Art Department

Creative Art Department helps artist from Inspired Turnings with a new website.

Just finished a new website for an artist client with over 150 products. He mostly shows locally due to the product's weight so preferred a dynamic page collection to sort more like a portfolio utilizing CMS vs. an online store. This was done by creating a spreadsheet with all options of text he desired to display. The dynamic pages were connected to the spreadsheet so any updates reflect immediately on the page design without the client (or Creative Art Department) needing to go into the editor. The client is now responsible for updates (unless he gets in over his head - I'm here to help!) But he feels it is easy to make his own quick updates on pricing or photo updates on a spreadsheet that populate automatically! His pieces are STUNNING! Made mostly from local trees in his (CT) area.

Live edge (natural bark) wood turned bowl by Inspired Turnings
Live Edge Wood Turned Bowl

Photos of all inventory of wood items by Inspired Turnings
Screenshot of full inventory item page

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